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From June 2014 Mr McCaffrey has worked as a consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon in the Western Health and Social Care Trust providing paediatric and adult trauma services, with a special interest in foot and ankle trauma, and elective orthopaedic services focusing on the lower limb with a specialist interest in foot and ankle surgery and joint replacement of the hip and knee.

Mr McCaffrey has always been involved in research and teaching and continues to be actively involved in departmental research, medical student and junior doctor teaching / training.

Mr McCaffrey is the representative for the Trauma + Orthopaedic Unit within the Western Health & Social Care Trust for the prevention of Venous Thromboembolism Events to ensure national guidelines are implemented locally as part of the DHSPSS clinical governance strategy.

Foot & Ankle Conditions

All conditions of the foot and ankle including;

Sports injury
Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery
Recurrent Sprains (Instability)
Tendon inflammation / degeneration (Tendinitis / Tendinopathy)

Heel Pain Conditions; Achilles tendon / Retro-calcaneal bursitis / Hagelund's Deformity / Plantar Fascia

Fallen arches / Flat feet
Bunions (Hallux Valgus)
Painful / stiff big toe (Hallux Rigisus) including joint motion preservation with CARTIVA
Foreoot pain (Metatarsalgia)
Morton’s neuroma
Lesser toe deformity (Hammer / Mallet / Claw toes)
Ingrown toenails

Joint Replacement

Total Hip Replacement (Hybrid - Exeter / Trident)
Total Knee Replacement (PFC)


General paediatric and adult trauma
Subspecialist F+A trauma

General Orthopaedic Conditions

Carpal tunnel Syndrome
Torn knee cartilage
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Glenshane Road,
Derry / Londonderry,
BT47 6SB

Please contact;
Trauma & Orthopeadic Secretary
(Ext 216705)