DMC Facial Aesthetics

McCaffrey uses injections to non-surgically soften facial wrinkles that occur during expression (dynamic) and at rest (static) that develop due to the ageing process, achieving a natural, well rested and refreshed appearance

  • Muscle relaxing injections can reduce excessive wrinkles that occur during facial expression smoothing and refreshing your appearance
  • Dermal filler can soften the appearance of wrinkles that are present even when your face is relaxed
  • Dermal filler can enhance cheek and lip volume +/- contour to improve the aesthetic profile of your face
  • Muscle relaxing injections can also treat areas of troublesome sweating such as the armpits and palms of hands
  • Dermal filler can improve skin quality and appearance including the décolletage area and back of the hands

Sarah Jane Robinson House, Rathenraw Industrial Estate, Antrim BT41 2SJ.

To enquire about a treatment or book an appointment, please call - 07970515680


Muscle Relaxing "Anti-Wrinkle" Injections

Most common areas for treatment - Forehead "Worry lines"; Glabellar "Frown lines"; Crows Feet "Smile lines"


1 Area


2 Areas


3 Areas




Problem Sweating - Armpits / Hands

£200 - 600

Price depends on the surface area and amount of product required


Additional Areas

£5 per unit

required to treat additional area


Male Surcharge

£5 per unit

required above standard amount of product per area
(Men have bigger + stronger facial muscles that require a higher dose of muscle relaxation for optimal clinical effect)

Dermal Filler "Anti-Wrinkle" Injections

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a gel like substance that is a natural component of all soft tissues

HA filler is non-permanent and reversible if required

Skin Rehydration


per tube - 1ml

Face; Décolletage; Hands
(3 treatments required to get effective results)

Fine Lines


per tube - 1ml

Glabellar lines; Periorbital lines; Crow's Feet; Smokers Lines; Tear Trough; Atrophic Scars

Moderate Lines


per tube - 1ml

Atrophic Scars; Nasolabial Folds; Marionette Lines; Chin Crease; Pre-jowl Sulcus

Deep Lines


per tube - 1ml

Atrophic Scars; Nasolabial Folds; Marionette Lines; Chin Crease; Pre-jowl Sulcus

Cheek Augmentation


per tube - 1ml

Cheekbone Enhancement; Midface Volumisation

Lip Enhancement


per tube - 1ml

Lip Contour +/- Volume Enhancement


Tear Troughs


Usually requires 2 types of filler

Often requires a combination of soft superficial filler and a firm deeper filler to achieve good cosmetic results